How much will a taxi from the airport to the penthouse cost me?
The ride will cost you $25 [US Dollars] and it is a fixed price. Other taxi trips within defined zones are governed by set rates established by the City authorities. Should you wish to take a taxi to a restaurant of your choice, do not let the taxi driver change your mind; many drivers receive commissions for taking customers to selected restaurants. Most importantly, never enter a taxi without agreeing with the driver on the price of a trip, FIRST! You are not expected to tip the taxi driver. The fare for trips within the Centro zone, which is downtown, is only 25 pesos.
Are laundry facilities available in the building?
Yes - a washer and dryer, iron and ironing board, are located in your penthouse. You will have to handle this chore youself because the maid doesn't do laundry, dirty dishes - or windows!
How do I get the keys for the penthouse and what do I do with them on departure?
Normally, you will be met at the airport by our Host who will escort you directly to the Penthouse and provide you keys and helpful information. Should you arrive by sea or road, you will pick up your keys from the One Beach Street complex's front desk Reception. Upon departure you will return them to the front desk Reception. Lost keys will incur a charge. See here.
Is there a telephone in the penthouse and can I call home to the USA?
Yes, there is telephone service in the unit and it is for local calls only. Incoming long distance calls will be received, outgoing long distance calls are blocked. For long distance please use your mobile 'phone or calling card. Prepaid calling cards, beginning at 100 Pesos, are widely available, especially at supermarkets, pharmacies and liquor stores. International calls will cost you 15-18 Pesos a minute - local calls 5.50 Pesos per minute. More telephone Information.
What amenities are available in the Playa del Sol complex?
There are many indeeed: Swimming pool and sun deck, Lido Beach Club, Gym, Spa, an Internet Café and a Deli. Safety deposit boxes are available and the building has 24 hour security. If you are not in the mood to make your own breakfast you may have it, or a light lunch, in the Lido Beach Club. On the sun deck or the beach, refreshments are provided by the Lido Beach Club Bar. The penthouse amenities include TV with cable programming, VCR and DVD player, air conditioning; fully equipped kitchen includes blender, coffee maker and toaster, washer and dryer, each bathroom has a hair dryer available, maid service and telephone service, and, a hot tub overlooking the beach and bay. In addition to the building's safety deposit boxes, there is a private safe within the Penthouse where you may secure your passports, travel tickets, cash, et al. It is large enough to accomodate a small laptop computer.
Is the penthouse wheelchair accessible?
Full, unencumbered access for the handicapped is available from the parking garage, directly to the elevator and up to the penthouse. As you may may note from the photographs on the Arriving page there are many steps in the front lobby that may be difficult, or best not, to maneuver.
Do I have to do house cleaning during my stay?
Only if you are compulsive - otherwise there is maid service every other day, or if requested, daily service is available. Maid service does not include washing dishes or laundry.
Can I use U.S. Dollars for shopping or will I have to convert to Mexican Pesos?
You will find that good ol' US Dollars are widely accepted but it will definitely help to have some Pesos in your purse or pocket. The exchange rate you get for USD from street and beach vendors may not make you happy. The best exchange rate is obtained by using your ATM card at a local bank. Some ATM machines and Banks are noted on our interactive detailed map of Viejo Vallarta. Many stores, vendors and restaurants will refuse to accept torn, mutilated or even slightly damaged paper currency, US or Mexican, so make sure your money is crisp and whole. Foreign coinage is not accepted. A Currency Converter is available for your convenience.
Can I reserve day excursions or special events like boat trips or tours?
There are many ways to make these arrangements: through the conceirge in the building lobby or there are many agents within a few steps of One Beach Street where you can peruse the countless offerings available. Many operators also have online reservations. You will find a small collection of these on our Links page. Puerto Vallarta presents you with a tropical smorgasbord of Activities. Things to do, from sleeping on the beach to ATV riding or zip lining through the jungle, shower at the foot of a waterfall, horse riding along the beach at sunset, swim with the dolphins, sail with pirate rascals; day and night it's eye popping!.
What about Montezuma's Revenge and the drinking water?
This is largely an urban legend - the local water utility board has exceeded the World Health Organization's standards for drinking water for fourteen years, however, Playa del Sol has its own water filtration system for the entire building, and, just to be doubly reassuring, the penthouse has its own water filtration system on the refrigerator's drinking water and ice maker dispenser. However, if you must slake your thirst in jungle pools, you're on your own! Should you be a worry-wort, then you may easily purchase Microdine to purify vegetables and salad greens.
I like to roll around in the sun - are beach blankets or towels available?
Yes. You can create your very own Beach Blanket Babylon simply by using the Resort's Towel Service. Please ask the conceirge at the front desk. The Lido Beach Club directly on Playa de los Muertos also provides towel service. Please do not remove towels from the penthouse. The Towel Service provides larger and more appropriate towels for the beach.
The penthouse looks great, but I like to soak in a hot tub after a strenuous day hiking or water skiing - where is the nearest spa or hot tub?
The complex has a spa. If you are too exhausted to drag yourself down to the lobby, then you may prefer to use the hot tub on the Master Bedroom's balcony. Close at hand, private, and in more ways than one, you'll be above it all!
How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
The basic answer is: the sooner the better! Once your vacation dates are fixed and certain, it is wise to contact us as far in advance as you can. Early birds get more than just worms! You can find a Reservation Request Form here, and check availability with our calendar.
What if I have to cancel the reservation?
Oh dear - and we already had the hot tub warmed up for you! Not to worry. Our refund and cancelation information is explained in our Rental Policy.
Can I stay for just one night?
You're on a whirlwind vacation of one night stands? Yes, of course you can, provided we have availability and it is the "off" season. There is a seven day minimum stay during the "on" or high season, the dates for which are November 20 through January 03.
I took a boat ride to a remote fishing village and missed the boat back! Can I still get into the penthouse?
That may be a little difficult until you return, but provided you still have the keys it is not a problem. You have several choices in this situation: you can swim; you can walk or you can sleep on the beach, or if you are real adept perhaps the villagers will accomodate you in some manner. Hope you are not alergic to pigs or poultry! When you go sightseeing be aware of bus or boat schedules and wear a watch. Your cell 'phone will not save your butt in the jungle!
Do US citizens need a passport to travel to Mexico?
Effective December 31 2006, the US government now requires passports for all air and sea travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Passports will be required by ALL persons, citizens and non-citizens, to enter the United States.
What about the time in Puerto Vallarta?

Like all places on Earth - it flies when you are having fun! However, if you wish to know the time zone: Puerto Vallarta is on Central Standard Time and changes to Daylight Savings Time each year along with the United States. When it is 9.00 a.m.(09:00) in Puerto Vallarta, it is 7.00 a.m. (07:00) in Los Angeles (Pacific Time) and 10.00 a.m. (10:00) in New York (Eastern Time). Many
establishments in Puerto Vallarta
(and Mexico in general) display time in the 24 hour format.

What about Tips and Gratuities? What do I need to know?
The principal "need to know" fact is, that the average paycheck of the service personnel who do their utmost to make your stay comfortable and trouble free is about $US550.00 a month. The maids, conceirge and building staff depend on your kindness for support. One to two dollars a day for the length of your stay at the penthouse is a good starting point, but by all means if you feel you have received exceptional or special service, then... you know what to do. These are great folks who are working hard for you and we would like to encourage your support for their efforts. Thank You!! Elsewhere it is just like home: restaurants, cafes, taxis et al, all appreciate your gratuity. Restaurants: It is considered ill mannered to present the check before you have requested it. When you are ready to leave the restaurant simply say, "La cuenta por favor" and you will receive your bill for payment.
I can't find an anwer here and I still have questions! Who can I talk to?
The chief honcho you can contact is Ray, though once in a while you may hear from David or Jane. Just send an eMail from the Home Page or go to the Contact page. If you prefer to speak to a real live person, then you'll certainly find that Ray is lively and he'll be happy to call you in person with all the PV dirt! Naturally he will need your area code and telephone number to do that so just drop it in an eMail and, voila!.